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    Build Your Team, Build Your Revenue, Build Your Future.

  • Build it Right, the FIRST time.

    With decades of deploying and building world-class teams, our professionals utilize proven strategies to create repeatable growth.

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    Stop Guessing.

    Working hand-in-hand with your executive team, our consultants will take a wholistic view of your company and product to best establish a GTM plan that is personally designed for you. We don't build for you, we build with you - meaning no strategy can be effective unless embraced by the team, and no strategy will be embraced unless it is built with the team.

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    Build a Machine.

    We know outbound, period. Our team has been scaling outbound sales teams since inception, and have been doing so with all of the current and rapidly changing best practices in mind. Whether looking to hire your first team and not sure where to start, or looking to enhance a current team performance to take them to the next level, we are ready to bring our experience to your doorstep.

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    A modern sales methodology.

    Let's face it. Corporations today are spending less and less on their sales teams when it comes to training and enablement. We have decades of combined experience standing up sales teams from scratch and creating hockey-stick performance.

  • We help take your team to the next level,

    by working with you.

    There is no golden bullet in sales. Yet one things is for sure - we can't build something for you if you want it to work. We can only build with you. Doing so creates far superior outcomes that allow for the creation of a comprehensive foundation you will iterate and build off of long after our work together is finished.


    Elsesser Ventures was established in 2020 at the dawn of the COVID pandemic and since then has helped hundreds of sales professionals and dozens of early SaaS companies. We don't accept all clients submissions and we are selective in who we work with. Belief in sales teams, especially outbound sales teams, must start at the top, all the way up to the CEO. From there, we work throughout the organization to create radical change and discover new channels and strategies for exponential growth.


    In our process, we diagnose and discover, establish a roadmap and playbook, and then get hands on with each and every member of the team. We are your partner and growth hacker, and we LOVE a challenge.

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    High Velocity. High Impact.

    High Performance.

    Your Future Awaits...

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